Sunday, January 4, 2015

"insert your own tittle"

oh hello there , hope you'r doing fine (pls read this in british accent)
okay lets get straight to the point 
it might be shocked that im actually posting something after shut up for like a million yrs but yes im here xoxo . just feeling so bored at 2.33AM in the morning so i decided to post something . it actually quite late to post a "Happy New Year" post when its already Day 4 of the new year hahaha pardon me guys but who care right lol 

this is it . page 4 and alhamdulillah my new year going bad well

my hypothetically when someone say "new year" they also actually mean new thing for a new life and thats also mean "move on" from the past either its bad or awful . so just throw away your bad memories and create a happier and memorial one in 2015 okay ? come on we , at least need to try . Allah doesnt let us give up when He give us this beautiful-organised life

and this basically what i mean .
new year new days a "new" for everything 
there's always a chance for everyone and for everything inshaAllah 
let fill up the upcoming days with beautiful things . for a student like me lets make our parents proud of us and not screwing their dream hahaha mind this . 

and if i can see the future im great sure my 2015 will be better than any of those years isnt it haha nah im just joking .

 i put my faith in Allah and i know He know whats best for me . what he planned is the best inshaAllah for all of us . 

Thats all from me . Tonight . Salam tahun baru . Salam 2015
May Allah bless us Amin


  1. Selamat menyambut tahun baru jugak kakak azren .Semoga kita mencapai kejayaan bersama yer heheheheh bye muahhh